Important Notice to Potential DOT-PHMSA Pipeline
Drug/Alcohol Program Compliance (US Only)

To elevate our commitment in meeting the DOT/PHMSA requirements, Kinder Morgan has established a business relationship with National Compliance Management Service (NCMS). Kinder Morgan and NCMS have developed a process to help ensure contractors are meeting the expectations for a compliant DOT/PHMSA drug and alcohol program.

Once it has been determined that a contractor will be performing PHMSA covered job functions, Kinder Morgan will notify NCMS to begin the audit review process. NCMS will reach out to the contractor with instructions for accessing the audit via the NCMS website Communication from NCMS will come via an email so it is critical to confirm your system will accept the email domain of

Kinder Morgan’s expectation is for the contractor to complete the NCMS audit in a timely manner. Failure to provide the necessary information to NCMS may delay the audit process and your company's ability to perform the covered functions for Kinder Morgan.

We appreciate your cooperation in this endeavor to make each worksite a safer and more productive environment.


If you have questions relating to the audit, contact National Compliance Management Service, Inc. (NCMS) at or (62) 669-0954

For questions related to scope of work, DOT applicability, or KM technical review, please contact the following:

Region Contact Phone Fax Email
Products Pipeline Buzz Fant 713-369-9454 713-495-2713
Southeast Terminals Kyle Mayberry 713-420-4454
CO2 Juhi Joshi 713-369-8078
Natural Gas Jaime Hernandez 713-369-9433 713-495-2767
Terminals Danielle Stephens 713-420-6496 303-984-3048

Note - Only contractors with approved drug/alcohol testing programs will be allowed to perform DOT-covered tasks for KM. For those Contractors registered in ISNetworld, information is downloaded from NCMS to ISNetworld contractor dashboard.

For general information, contact Kinder Morgan Representative:
Rick Slaugh, Director-EHS 713-369-8357 832-397-4501